Honey from your Money - Learn Personal Finance Through Real-Life Experiences

Hannah Almira Amora is a financial consultant by profession, a finance educator by heart. After their life-changing experience with their son's life-threatening congenital heart defect, it has pushed her further to educate why it's very important to educate one's self on personal finance. 

She has seen the effects of being passive on different investment vehicles out there. She will discuss the different types everybody can participate in - in layman's terms and she will be sharing her story on how they can be harnessed to help each and every person's dream/s.

Basic Overview:
- Stocks
- Bonds
- Mutual Funds
- Insurance

- Why Save?
- Why Invest?
- Where to Invest?
- How to Invest?

Registration fee: P500 per pax, with all the good things that has happened, we're giving away a 50% discount, that's P250 per pax, with snacks and materials already!

So, if you feel you can learn a thing or two from Hannah and her success stories, register now and bring along a friend with you. :)

RSVP: 0932-802-0412

Or register through this link, http://goo.gl/Zvmxno .

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Vision and Mission

Vision Our vision is to have a financially free Filipino nation through our high-caliber services and programs wherever we operate.

Mission Our mission is to empower the Filipino people to reach for their dreams and protect it, thru education and sound and wise financial planning.